Boosters and Gas Compressors

Sauer Compressors USA

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Mistral SeriesMistral Series

Sauer Mistral (‘LB’) Series inert gas boosters are dedicated nitrogen gas boosters that can accept suction pressures from 58 – 116 PSI to deliver gas to a maximum of 580 PSI.


Passat Gas Compressor/Boosters

Passat Series

Sauer Passat (‘G’) Series Gas Compressor/Boosters have been engineered with a gas tight crankcase (‘special’ double crankshaft seals and jointing) to prevent gas leakage, and are oil-lubricated, single acting reciprocating compressors with air-cooling.


Hurricane compressorsHurricane Series

Hurricane (‘H’) Series Compressors are used for Air or Nitrogen compression. Each compressor is an air-cooled, single acting, three or four stage, reciprocating piston compressor with the combination of oil pressure fed crankshaft bearings, and cylinder oil splash with regulated injection for the final high-pressure piston plunger design. Performance with inert gases, such as Nitrogen.


WP6000 boosters

6000 Series Boosters

The industrial market has very specific demands. The WP6000 boosters meet those demands with turn-key water-cooled compressor packages that provide air or gas for your project. With up to six-cylinders, the WP6000 booster has a flexible design that can be customized to meet your exact specifications. Based upon Sauer’s vast experience with robust Warship compressors for the World’s Navies, the water-cooled WP6000 can be readily adapted using any combination of cylinders, or compression stages, to meet the precise requirement for flow and pressure.