Why Choose Lontra for Municipal Waste Treatment Plants

The complex process of waste treatment should be supported by the best technology on the market. This is why at Brabazon, we supply and service Lontra products, which are at the top of their class for continued use in industrial settings. For municipal waste treatment, we understand that the stakes are high. Efficient and effective waste treatment plant operation is essential to protecting the public from contaminants that can negatively impact human and environmental health. There are many reasons to choose Lontra blade compressors, commonly called blowers, for use at municipal waste treatment plants, including the benefits granted by their innovative design features, their ease of use on-site, their cost-effectiveness, and their track record of excellence.

Innovative Engineering

The LP2 blower, designed by Lontra and distributed and serviced by us at Brabazon, is a feat of engineering. This device has revolutionized air compression technology by producing a continuous flow of air within the device, the defining feature of the Lontra Blade Compressor. This innovative design compresses the air flowing through the device with a constantly rotating blade-like mechanism rather than a piston. The circular rotation of the blade in the cylinder rather than the up-down motion of a

piston compressor eliminates the need for a movement that resets compression. Instead, compression happens ceaselessly. In addition to perpetual compression, the LP2 operates oil-free, which cuts down on the need for frequent service. The oil-free operation also ensures that the compressed air released by the blower is cleaner, and thus less likely to introduce industrial contaminants to the water being treated.

Ease Of Use

Lontra machines are easy to use because they require little monitoring, they have a streamlined, user-friendly interface, and they are easy to service. The operation of a waste treatment plant requires many attentive eyes and hands, and with Lontra blowers, you don’t have to worry about always monitoring the device. Lontra blowers are also extremely reliable, making them an effortless addition to your plant. Lontra’s state-of-the-art blowers are designed to be readily serviced and are encased in an outer shell for noise reduction. The shell has two removable side panels to allow easy access for routine servicing when necessary. The device also features an indicator light on the casing to alert you when the machine requires maintenance, so there’s no guesswork involved.

Cost-Effective Waste Treatment

There’s no denying the high costs associated with operating a waste treatment plant. While gravity does some of the work in waste treatment settings, ample electricity is required to aerate and process waste. Municipal plants often handle a high volume of waste and aim to process it at the lowest cost possible. This must be accomplished while maintaining the highest industry standards. Lontra blowers allow you to achieve a lower overall operating cost because they use less energy while exceeding previous levels of effectiveness. Higher efficiency machines means a more efficient budget. Let your Brabazon-backed machines do the cost-cutting work for you by integrating a Lontra blower into your facility.

Demonstrated Excellence

Lontra blowers have what it takes to stand the test of time in even the busiest, highest-volume municipal waste treatment plants. When tested in the field, Lontra products repeatedly outperform blowers that rely on traditional technology. You don’t have to guess; Lontra has the advantage of demonstrated excellence, so they are a low-risk investment with lasting results.

Choose Ingenuity, Choose Lontra

It’s high time that the machinery central to your waste treatment plant exceeded industry standards. World-class facilities deserve world-class inventions, and Lontra products truly offer you cutting-edge compressor technology. If you’re ready to reimagine the power, efficiency, and reliability of your plant, Lontra is the unmistakable choice for your facility. Find Lontra products and other waste treatment solutions at Brabazon.

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