We're the experts in compressed air with a proven plan to minimize your operating costs.

Our AirCare Plus™ Planned Maintenance with Remote Monitoring has proven to be the most cost-effective service solution. On each visit we conduct a 100 point inspection, lubricant analysis, and vibration monitoring with trending. We will ensure your controls are properly adjusted, which can minimize unplanned downtime and save you thousands of dollars off your electric bill. All for a budget friendly flat, quarterly rate that covers routine and preventative maintenance.

24/7 Remote Monitoring Assures Your Compressor is Running at Peak Efficiency.

  • Gain Peace of Mind Knowing your Compressor is Continuously Being Monitored for Issues.
  • Brabazon and Your Staff Will Receive an Immediate Warning to Proactively Address Any Problems - Greatly Reducing the Possibility of Downtime or a Shutdown.
  • Save on Operating Costs by Receiving a Comprehensive Monthly Report on Pressures, Flow Rates, Temeratures, and Energy Costs.
  • We will Monitor Your Compressor Off-Site, or You Can Monitor On-Site with a Simple, Web Interface.

We Substantially Reduce Or Customer's Life Cycle Cost