Brabazon Pump, Compressor and Vacuum services and sells Pure-Aire air treatment equipment for businesses around the Midwest. Pure-Aire is trusted by countless manufacturers to maintain consistent air quality at a lower price. Headquartered in Green Bay, WI, all Pure-Aire equipment is made in America.

Brabazon sells and services the following Pure-Aire products:

Pure-Aire Equipment Dealer


Pure-Aire Mist Eliminator Sales and Service at BrabazonPure-Aire Mist Eliminator Dealer

Brabazon sells and services Pure-Aire mist eliminators at all seven of our Midwest locations. Pure-Aire mist eliminators work to protect your plant investment by removing oil mist and particulates from compressed air systems. A low-pressure differential and extended element life work to reduce energy costs and cut down on maintenance. Brabazon carries PDF series mist eliminators from 500 to 10,000 scfm.

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PPure-Aire PCF Air Filter Sales and Serviceure-Aire Filtration System Dealer

Air filtration systems from Pure-Aire provide the highest levels of filtration available. Brabazon sells and services Pure-Aire filters from 20 to 2,120 scfm, 15 to 290 psig, exceeding ISO 8573.1 quality classes.

Choose from three filters:

  • PCF, PCR Particulate Pre-Filters
  • PCH High Efficiency Coalescing Filters
  • PCC Odor and Taste Removal

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Pure-Aire Commercial Air Dryer Sales and ServicePure-Aire Air Dryer Dealer

Brabazon sells and services a variety of Pure-Aire commercial air dryers. With refrigerated, vacuum purge and heatless air dryers available, you can find the right system for your facility. Pure-Aire air dryers offer the best in class energy efficiency and the lowest dew points (up to -100°F)

Brabazon sells and services the following Pure-Aire air dryers:

  • C Series Cycling, Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Z Series Vacuum Purge, Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer
  • H Series Heavy-Duty, Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer

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Pure-Aire CLC System Sales and ServicePure-Aire Cooling System Dealer

Pure-Aire closed loop cooling systems from Brabazon help manufacturers cut down on costs and save energy. Closed loop cooling systems recirculate water and glycol without evaporation and can cool process fluid from 5°F to 10°F above the ambient air temperature.

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