Lontra Blade Technology

Lontra has developed a new patented design for improved air compressor blade technology. This vigorously tested Lontra blade technology offers constant rotation during the compression process, producing reliable and completely oil-free air. It has been designed for continuous operation and greatly improved energy savings in comparison to the blade technology of other air compressors on the market. 

The advanced Lontra’s blade technology is ideally suited for both low and high-pressure applications requiring oil-free air production, such as pneumatic conveying, aeration, and water treatment purposes. This blade technology has proven to provide quiet, smooth and reliable operation as well as long-term cost savings in the form of reduced maintenance.  

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Features & Benefits

The Lontra blade technology provides state-of-the-art air compression that outshines the competition in performance capacity, efficiency and reliability. A variety of features come standard with Lontra blade technology, making it the clear choice for cost savings and outstanding air end results.    

Standard Features of the Lontra Blade Technology

  • Lowest power consumption in its class, leading to cost savings in energy use.
  • Higher reliability than comparable air compressor blade options, providing consistent output and minimal production hiccups. 
  • Reduced maintenance leading to cost savings over time.
  • The always-open inlet port provides minimal restriction for improved high intake efficiency.  
  • Constant blade rotation while air enters the compression chamber through the open inlet port. 
  • Constant blade rotation pulls air in at increased capacities, leading to greater efficiency of aid end production. 
  • Reliable 100% oil-free air output. 
  • AI optimized noise mufflers, or silencers, provide a quiet operation at just 75dBA and reduce pressure drop, contributing to savings in power consumption.
  • The LP2 enclosure also contributes to reduced noise production during operation. 
  • Side inlet ports allow air to enter the enclosure but restrict rain and other continents while also contributing to noise reduction.  
  • A new and patented design that no other company can offer.