Sullair – ShopTek Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Sullair’s ShopTek™ lubricated rotary screw air compressors are simple, compact, quiet units known for exceptional reliability and low maintenance. They’re ideal for small horsepower applications like auto and tire shops, machine shops, carpentry shops and general manufacturing.

With models ranging from 5 hp to 50 hp, there’s a ShopTek rotary screw air compressor for any job. You can order one outfitted specifically for your operation, with dryers (refrigerated or dessicant), and filtration down to .003 ppm max remaining lubricant content and .01 micron particulate size.

One thing you’ll notice with a ShopTek compressor is how quiet it is. The sound enclosure reduces sound levels to as low as 66dBA, and it’s easily removed for servicing. You’ll appreciate how all essential operating parameters are displayed on the controller and how Sullair controls pressure with transducers to minimize off-load running and reduce over-compression. This all contributes to optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Sullair backs all their ShopTek compressors with their 5-year Emerald Warranty, which covers major components such as:

  • Air end
  • Air/fluid receiver
  • Main Drive Motor
  • Fluid cooler
  • Aftercooler
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