Sullair powered by IHI

Sullair centrifugal air compressors

Since 2004 Sullair has been part of joint venture IHI-Sullair producing high performance centrifugal air compressors. Those compressor models, with more than a decade of quality performance, are now available through Brabazon.

Sullair centrifugal air compressors are the ideal choice for those customers looking for:

  • Energy Efficiency —  advanced technology Titanium impellers specifically designed to match the required airflow and pressure, contributing to energy savings.
  • Low Maintenance Costs — designed with many non-wearing internal components requiring minimal periodic maintenance, all moving parts are easily inspected by simply removing the horizontally-split gear cover.
  • Reliability and Durability —  impellers are made from Titanium which provides strength while resisting corrosion and wear. Sullair centrifugal air compressors are the only offering in the industry to utilize this type of impeller material on standard compressor designs.
  • Class 0 Oil-Free Air —  for applications where air purity is essential, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, automotive painting and textiles.
  • Under the ISO 8573-1 Class Zero certification, Sullair compressors are designed to operate oil free, minimizing the risk of contaminating the process air or gas.


  • Non-contacting internal components
  • Anti-reverse rotation main shaft oil pump
  • Carefully selected materials and components to withstand diverse and harsh operating conditions
  • Flow rates up to 11,700 CFM


  • 100% oil-free air
  • Highly efficient design to reduce energy usage
  • Horizontal split design gearbox allowing easy access to all moving parts simplifying maintenance
  • Flow rates up to 118,000 CFM