Compressed Air represents one of the most important aspects of production, so doesn’t it make sense to keep your compressed air system running at optimal conditions?

Brabazon offers various Air Treatment options to keep your air clean and dry. You can be assured that we will have the right solution to meet your specific needs; whether you are looking for immediate delivery, energy savings, lowest initial cost, or lowest cost of ownership.

Discover your compressed air system’s full potential with Air Treatment Solutions from Brabazon!


Air Dryers

The Pure-Aire line of compressed air products is engineered, manufactured, and supported in the United States.

210_c-seriesCool Force™ Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryerpdfdownload

The "C" Series maximizes your operation’s uptime and productivity. It is designed to outperform any refrigerated dryer available.  Cool Force technology ensures a consistent dew point is held under 40°F.




z-seriesZero-Purge, Heatless Regenerative Air Dryerpdfdownload

Pure-Aire’s Zero-Purge, Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer has revolutionized the compressed air industry. It’s patent pending design uses ZERO purge flow and ZERO heat to regenerate the desiccant bed. A small, self-contained regeneration pump draws moisture from the desiccant with very minimal energy consumption.



280_hseriesdryerH Series Heavy-Duty, Heatless Regenerative Air Dyerpdfdownload

Pure-Aire’s “H” Series Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer consistently delivers -40˚ F pressure dew point (-100˚ F optional).


Mist Eliminator

Pure-Aire’s Mist Eliminators remove oil mist and particulate to protect the investment in your plant equipment, improve your product quality and reduce your energy costs. The extremely low pressure differential, and extended element life reduce energy costs, and maintenance intervals.

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Pure-Aire filters protect the investment in your plant equipment, improve your product quality and 
reduce your energy costs. Pure-Aire provides the highest level of filtration available. Filters are available 
from 20 to 2,120 scfm, 15 to 290 psig, exceeding ISO 8573.1 quality classes.

PCF, PCR Particulate Pre-Filters129_PCFilter-black

High-efficiency pre-filters (after-filters) remove particles to 1 micron, including coalesced lubricants and 
water droplets. Maximum remaining aerosol content is 0.5 ppm @ 70°F.

PCH High Efficiency Coalescing Filter

High-efficiency, coalescing pre-filters remove particles down to 0.01 micron, including water and oil 
aerosols, providing a maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.01 ppm @ 70°F.

PCC Odor and Taste Removal

Activated carbon filters remove lubricant and hydrocarbon odors. Remaining vapor content is less than 
0.003 ppm (excluding methane). A PCC filter should always be preceded by a PCH high efficiency grade 

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Oil/Water SeparatorsPIC_Stationary_OilWaterSeparators_lrg

Easy to install, operate and maintain, our oil/water separators remove and collect lubricant-contaminated compressor condensate and assure clean discharge water, all in compliance with environmental laws.

Our separators collect water condensate in the compressed air system and can be installed on-site providing rapid payback over conventional disposal methods.

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aluminum-akAir Knives

Available in both aluminum and 304 stainless steel, Paxton Air Knives are designed to give maximum efficiency for high velocity air drying and blow off applications.

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