Pure-Aire filters protect the investment in your plant equipment, improve your product quality and reduce your energy costs. Pure-Aire provides the highest level of filtration available. Filters are available from 20 to 2,120 scfm, 15 to 290 psig, exceeding ISO 8573.1 quality classes.

PCF, PCR Particulate Pre-Filters

High-efficiency pre-filters (after-filters) remove particles to 1 micron, including coalesced lubricants and water droplets. Maximum remaining aerosol content is 0.5 ppm @ 70°F.

PCH High Efficiency Coalescing Filter

High-efficiency, coalescing pre-filters remove particles down to 0.01 micron, including water and oil
aerosols, providing a maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.01 ppm @ 70°F.

PCC Odor and Taste Removal

Activated carbon filters remove lubricant and hydrocarbon odors. Remaining vapor content is less than 
0.003 ppm (excluding methane). A PCC filter should always be preceded by a PCH high efficiency grade

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