High Pressure Wash Down Pump System

High Maintenance Wash Down Pumps? Problem Solved.

Our food industry customers asked Brabazon to address a major need - a reliable wash down pump solution. Many facilities use Roto-Jet or Sun-Flo pumps which break down often and are expensive to repair. Many of these installations run at fixed speed - chewing up energy even though system loads fluctuate greatly.

Brabazon engineered pump packages capable of pressures up to 1000 psig. The systems use reliable, low maintenance, multi-stage centrifugal pumps. All pumps are controlled with Variable Speed Drives to perfectly match system demand - typically saving 50% in energy costs. In as little as one year, the savings will completely pay for the cost of the system! Brabazon works closely with power utilities to attain rebates for you to offset a portion of the cost. Brabazon’s Booster Pak has also been used for main plant pressure boosting boiler feed systems and closed loop cooling systems.

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Grundfos BoosterpaQ Brochure
Washdown Booster System Brochure

Plug and Play Pressure Boosting Solution
Brabazon's customizable Pressure Boosting Systems are easy to install and run. Their reliable design allows you to spend more time meeting production demands and less time worrying about equipment.

Quick Return on Investment
Each high pressure wash down pump is Variable Speed Driven for maximum energy savings, reducing energy costs up to 50%.

Low Maintenance
Our package utilize extremely low maintenance pumps. All of our high pressure wash down systems are able to be serviced on-site, making maintenance quick and painless with a minimal amount of downtime. Our systems are backed by a two year warranty.

Low Minimum Flow Rates
The combination of multiple pumps and variable speed drive technology allows our packages to achieve low minimum flow rates or completely shut of when demand is low.