AESSeal LogoCustomers buy seals & isolators from Brabazon because of the exceptional delivery performance.

  •    96.4% on-time delivery performance
  •    62% of all products dispatched within 24 hours
In the mechanical seal industry, good service means having expansive amounts of inventory. AES Seal, the third largest mechanical seal company on the planet, works with Brabazon to hold inventory so that you don’t need to. Brabazon's team is so confident in our inventory stock of seals & isolators that we provide a 48 hour ship guarantee - if your standard product doesn’t ship within 48 hours, it's free. With over ten million permutations in AES Seal's modular product range, you can be assured that the right solution for both your application and your timeframe will be met.

Product Range

[twocol_one]Component Seals Single Cartridge Rotary Seals Single Cartridge Stationary Seals Double Cartridge Rotary Seals Double Cartridge Stationary Seals[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Metal Bellows Mixer, Agitator, and Reactor Seals Bearing Protector Seals (Radially Divided) Split Seals [/twocol_one_last]