3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Industrial Air Compressor

Are you not sure what industrial air compression is or why you might need it in a business setting? An air compressor functions by turning air, through the act of compression, into a viable power source for a variety of applications. And, depending on the industry, there are a whole host of reasons a business might require industrial air compression. After all, air compressors, even at their most fundamental level, are used for a range of purposes, including activities as diverse as operation of motors, mechanical inflation and spraying of crops. Below, we explore just three of the many industry-specific reasons a business might need an industrial air compressor and your options for acquiring one in the Midwest.

Your Business Requires A Pure Air Environment

One of the reasons you might need an industrial air compressor is if your business operations require purified air of the highest quality for manufacturing or production purposes. In many instances, the requirement for pure air extends to the elimination of oil from the environmental air. Such operations include pharmaceutical production and food and beverage manufacturing. Because these processes require the presence of no contaminants in the air, oil-free air compressors are used to promote a more sterile atmosphere free of these tiny potential hazards.

Other applications that call for oil-free air compression include electronics manufacturing and handling, high-technology manufacturing, textiles, robotics, automotive production and assembly and paint production. The introduction of oil particulates into the air of any of these production environments can be highly detrimental to the manufacturing process, introducing the potential for significant inventory damage. By requiring no oil or lubricants for operation, oil-free air compressors ensure there are no contaminants introduced to the air and are the only option for doing so.

Your Business Involves Construction

Another reason your business might need an industrial air compressor or two is if it involves construction processes. Air compressors at construction sites fulfill a number of essential roles. Essentially, in this setting, air compression is used to fuel a variety of equipment types, tools and processes that need to operate continuously and without overheating.

Often, an industrial air compressor is used to power other tools and pieces of equipment at construction sites. These tools include ones that function through the application of highly pressurized, forced air. A specific example of industrial air compression’s use in construction is its role in cement production. Air compressors are used in cement factories and warehouses to assist with transporting materials during production of cement to ensure there is no excess particulates present that could endanger the process. Air compressors also provide cooler air temperatures that prevent overheating during such manufacturing processes.Manufacturing Air Compressors in the Midwest

Your Business Requires Compressed Air For Medical Purposes

One of the specific industries that has an undeniable need for industrial air compressors is the medical industry. What is known as “medical air” consists of outside air that has passed through a medical air compressor and then piped into the medical setting.

One of the uses of medical air is for patients who are sensitive to oxygen due to weak respiratory systems and require purified air. Such patients include adults with respiratory issues and infants. Additionally, anesthesia uses medical air as a replacement for nitrous oxide as a means or eliminating oxygen exposure in high concentrations.

Brabazon’s medical air compressors are used for a variety of purposes and applications in medical settings. For those who run or manage medical facilities, a medical air compressor may be a vital component or addition for your patients’ care and overall health.

Options for Adding an Industrial Air Compressor to Your Business

If you are in one of the industries described above or another one requiring industrial compressed air, you have a few options. First, with the help of one of our account managers, you can outright purchase an appropriate air compressor from Brabazon. We will answer all of your questions and help you choose the best device along with a maintenance package that will keep your air compressor up and running.

The second option is to use Brabazon’s Airtility™ , which is a utility service that addresses all of your air compression needs without the necessity of purchasing and maintaining your own air compressor. With this option, we install and maintain everything you need onsite to address your air compression needs.

The third option is to rent a Brabzon air compressor. This option is particularly attractive if you require an air compressor for limited purposes or for a limited amount of time. This option is also available for businesses that have experienced an air compressor failure and need an interim backup while their usual air compressor is being repaired.

Contact Brabazon today to discuss your business’s industrial air compressor needs and our various options throughout the Midwest.