Reduce Your Nitrogen Gas Costs up to 90%.

We can provide a solution with one, low monthly payment that includes all equipment costs, maintenance, and a bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Holtec Gas Systems is an internationally recognized, experienced designer of nitrogen generators. Holtec has designed and fabricated nitrogen generators for a great variety of industrial, food & beverage and manufacturing applications worldwide. From concept to engineering design, procurement, fabrication, installation, and personnel training—we provide a complete turnkey solution to your nitrogen generation needs.

Laser Cutting Application

Food-Beverage Application

Holtec Gas Systems manufactures nitrogen generators based on both PSA (Pressure-Swing Adsorption) and Membrane technology.   But which technology is right for you?  There are many factors in addition to cost which you should consider before choosing the best technology for your application.


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Bulk Supply vs. Nitrogen Generation

Beyond the highly variable costs of industrial gas, supply methods such as cylinders, dewars, and bulk liquid storage also create significant challenges, as well as many additional and hidden costs, which ultimately impact your bottom line.

Do You Know the Real Cost of Bulk Supply?

Added Costs

  • Cylinder or dewar rental and supply delivery charges.
  • Bulk liquid storage planning permission, installation, rental, and upkeep.
  • Multi-year purchase contract commitments with long notice periods.

Product Loss and Wastage

  • Unpredictable supply timescales.
  • Bulk supply needs frequent switching and monitoring.
  • 10% gas returned to supplier and 20% lost to ‘off-gassing.
  • Downtime = Lost Revenue

Logistics and Safety

  • Frequent hazardous truck deliveries to your facility.
  • High pressure storage, with risk of explosive decompression or leaks.
  • Cylinders and dewars require heavy manual handling.

Key Benefits of Generating Your Own Nitrogen 

Real World Example:

A large cheese manufacturer in Wisconsin was using liquid nitrogen at their current plant. Brabazon identified an opportunity to save money and provided a cost analysis.