Industrial Packaged Air Solutions

Plug and Play Simplicity

Pre-piped and wired. Only three (3) connection points—air discharge, drain and electrical. All components are properly sized and designed. Installation costs are greatly reduced.

Superior Air Quality

AirPacks are designed to deliver any ISO air quality specification your process requires. AirPacks can even be designed to deliver breathing air or completely sterile air.

Energy Efficiency

AirPacks compressors can be furnished with variable speed drive, variable displacement, or two-stage options for maximum energy savings. Low pressure drop dryers and filters are standard.

Brabazon Pump, Compressor & Vacuum has engineered, built, and shipped hundreds of AirPack systems. Our AirPack systems are running in the harshest industrial environments throughout the world – from the mountains of South America to the Arctic Circle. All packaged air system components have been perfectly matched and sized to provide maximum performance and energy efficiency, without paying for more than you need. Plus, the AirPack system is simple to install and requires a minimal amount of floor space. Whether your needs are a small packaged air system for your manufacturing facility or a complete, self-contained system installed outdoors – Brabazon’s AirPack is the most dependable, cost-effective solution for end-users and OEM’s. Contact us today to get started!

Packaged Air Options

  • 5 thru 600 Horsepower
  • Dryers, Filters, and Oil Water Separators
  • Air Receivers with Flow System Controllers
  • Closed-Loop or Remote Cooling Systems
  • Self-contained for Outdoor Installations
  • Breathing or Sterilized Air Applications
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Customizable to Your Specifications

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