Success Stories

We work as a team and give our customers peace of mind.

A large Chicago manufacturer that specializes in personal care products received an audit funded through the power company and a Brabazon certified auditor performed an extensive two week study of their equipment and how the company operates today. We determined that the customer would save an average of 1,331,474 kWh and $106,500 on their annual energy costs.

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We offer the most rugged, reliable, and efficient products and back them up with world-class service.

A large manufacturer of bath products in Southwest Illinois called our Missouri office for the first time when a competitor’s compressor was tripping on motor overload. We sent a senior technician the same morning, and by troubleshooting, he found the pneumatic controls had been set incorrectly by our competitor. We were able to fix the compressor and had it operating at our office!

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Air MonitoringSave money on your energy bill with a monitoring system that maximizes efficiency.

Our customer in Southern Illinois is the leading producer of innovative automotive lighting systems in North America.  They cane to Brabazon with issues controlling their multitude of air compressors and having them run effectively.  They have two compressor rooms on either side of their plant with a total of five compressors.

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Air AuditCompressed Air Studies help customers find operating cost savings.

Our St. Louis area customer came to us when their 200hp compressor was passing a lot of oil downstream and maintenance costs were growing as the compressor aged.  Brabazon proposed a Compressed Air Study to identify cost savings.

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