Air Compressor Service & Repair

Air Compressor Repair & Maintenance

Failing to address necessary air compressor service and repair needs could quickly lead to inventory and productivity losses. With any industrial air compressor, you will want to schedule regular maintenance and, due to its heavy use, you may need the occasional repair. At Brabazon, we pride ourselves on our affordable, reliable, and comprehensive air compressor repair, maintenance services, and packages that have been providing customer satisfaction for decades.

Trained & Available Air Compressor Repair Technicians

Brabazon’s repair and maintenance technicians go through an annual certification process that involves factory training and retraining. This process ensures they are up-to-date on the ins and outs of air compressors produced by all major manufacturers in the industry. To further their expertise, our specialists conduct air compressor service schools for corporations all over the country.

Additionally, our air compressor technicians are available where and when you need them. Our facilities are located in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Wausau, Eau Claire, St. Paul, Rockford, Chicago, and St. Louis, making us readily accessible to various regions. We strive to address your service needs quickly and efficiently.

Air Compressor Maintenance Plan

The best option for keeping your air compressor at its highest performance capabilities is Brabazon’s AirCare Plus™ Planned Maintenance with Remote Monitoring. This maintenance package is proven to minimize operating costs over the lifespan of your air compressor. Additionally, this maintenance plan can be paid for upfront through quarterly payments that cover all routine and preventative maintenance, so you are ready for the unexpected.

With this plan, each maintenance visit we conduct includes a 100 point inspection, lubricant analysis and vibration monitoring with trending. During this process, we check that the controls are adjusted properly, a step that contributes to minimizing unplanned downtime and can lead to significant electrical savings.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

As part of Brabazon’s AirCare Plus™ Planned Maintenance plan, you also receive access to our 24/7 Remote Monitoring system that ensures your air compressor is running at its peak efficiency levels. Through this system, your air compressor is continuously monitored for various issues, emitting an alert when a problem needs to be immediately addressed. This input and monitoring helps to greatly reduce downtime or a system shutdown that can lead to productivity losses. This air compressor monitoring can be conducted either off-site by our technicians or on-site by you through a user-friendly web interface.

In addition to ongoing system monitoring, our Remote Monitoring also includes a comprehensive monthly report that provides details on pressure levels, flow rates, temperatures and energy costs. This information assists operators in assessing, and making adjustments to, the efficiency of regular use levels, thereby leading to reductions in operating costs.

Substantially Reduced Costs

Through the use of our maintenance and repair services, Brabazon has found our customers to experience substantial cost reductions associated with the operation of their air compressors. While operational energy costs are 76% of the overall cost of a typical air compressor or compressed air system over its lifetime, energy costs make up only 43% of the lifetime cost of an air compressor purchased through, and maintenanced by, Brabazon. That equals 38% less energy costs over the lifetime of a Brabazon air compression system.

Trust Brabazon For All Your Air Compressor Servicing & Maintenance Needs

If you have questions about Brabazon’s certified air compressor technicians, our AirCare Plus™ Planned Maintenance package or our Remote Monitoring program, please contact us to discuss. If you are ready to schedule a maintenance visit for your air compressor or need more immediate air compressor repair, request air compressor service with Brabazon today!

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