AirTility™ Compressed Air

With Brabazon’s AirTility™  Compressed Air, you can think of industrial compressed air as a utility, similar to electricity, water and gas. With this service, we supply, install, operate and maintain a modular compressed air unit either outside or inside your facility. With AirTility™ you can simply pay a fixed monthly fee that covers the container, equipment, service and maintenance that addresses all of your facility’s compressed air needs. All we need is an electrical supply, drain connection and air!

The Benefits of AirTility™ Compressed Air for Your Business

While there are certainly benefits to purchasing your own air compression system for particular industrial settings, there are many advantages to choosing a utility option. Choosing to outsource your compressed air needs with Brabazon’s AirTility™ can have several advantages for your business costs and applications requiring compressed air. Some of the main benefits include a reduction in capital expenditures and lowered handling expenses as well as increased flexibility and productivity.

Reduced Costs

Treating your compressed air as an outsourced utility means you do not need to purchase a compressed air system, nor do you need to build a compressor room for housing the system. You also do not need to purchase other associated items like filters, tanks and dryers.  Additionally, because our compressed air utility includes monitoring, maintenance and service, your operational and upkeep expenses are greatly reduced compared to managing these aspects of operation on your own. The elimination of these upfront costs and maintenance equals huge savings.

With AirTility™ we also upgrade the equipment when necessary. This regular upgrading is another way our compressed air utility service leads to cost savings. We ensure you are always using the most efficient equipment for your industrial applications, which leads to lower energy consumption and costs. Generally, newer models of compressed air systems will operate the most efficiently. And, because you pay a fixed monthly fee, you enjoy greater cost predictability than with any other compressed air option.

Increased Flexibility & Productivity

AirTility™ provides flexibility and increased productivity in a few key ways. Because we upgrade and remove unnecessary equipment as part of our compressed air utility service, you do not need to store or make room for additional items, including maintenance equipment and oils. You can also rest assured that your operation will not be interrupted due to unexpected outages and downtime. Instead, our reliable maintenance service team is in charge of keeping everything up and running when you need it most.

Contact Brabazon for More Information on AirTility™

Do not make the mistake of thinking you absolutely have to purchase an air compressor if your business utilizes applications that require compressed air. Instead, you might discover that an outsourced utility option would work better for your business purposes. If you are interested in learning more about Brabazon’s AirTility™ compressed air service and how it might suit your industrial compressed air needs, contact us today! We will be happy to discuss with you and offer our insights on what system will work best for your intended applications.