Lift Station Preventative Maintenance

Brabazon has over 30 years of experience in the repairs and rebuilding of all brands of industrial pumps and blowers for wastewater/water treatment.  Brabazon offers 24-hour emergency service in the Midwest with locations in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Wausau, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Northern Illinois.

Regular preventative maintenance can save lift station owners from costly repairs associated with downtime and expensive emergency services.  Frequent impeller inspection is important because worn impellers will cause pumps to run less efficiently creating more run time on the pumps and using more electricity to operate.  It may even cause premature failure of the pump motor if left undetected.

Brabazon performs complete electrical checks including vibration reading/monitoring, motor meg testing along with amperage and voltage readings.  All findings will be documented in a report and pictures of each lift station and pump(s) will be provided, if necessary.

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Our lift station inspection includes the preventative maintenance services described, plus the following:

  • Motor bearing (upper and lower) vibration measurement and trend documentation.
  • Inspect the quality and amount of oil.
  • Check the condition of lifting chain/cable.
  • Inspect pump power cables.
  • Measure the incoming and running line voltage.
  • Check amperage draw on the motor (unloaded and loaded).
  • Measure the secondary voltage supply.
  • Meg the motor.
  • Check power quality.
  • Inspect impeller for wear and take digital pictures of pump, if necessary.
  • Check ring clearances, if applicable.
  • Visually inspect the condition of the guide rails.
  • Visually inspect that the check valves are working properly.
  • Check the automatic and manual controls.
  • Inspect the high water alarm circuit.
  • Check all the floats and/or transducer.
  • Check for blow-by on the base elbows.
  • Inspect the control panel.

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