The Importance Of Hiring A Certified Industrial Air Compressor Mechanic

When you need an industrial air compressor repair or service, be sure to hire a certified professional for the job. As with most industrial equipment, it is not advisable to attempt amateur repairs as accidents and further damage are common. These mishaps can prove to be costly in the form of increased downtime, potential revenue losses, and replacement costs. Avoid all of those pitfalls by calling a certified industrial air compressor mechanic. Brabazon, with our various locations throughout the Midwest and decades of experience, knows why it is so important to entrust servicing and repairs to professionals. 

Avoid Costly Replacements

When you hire a certified industrial air compressor mechanic, you help prolong the life of your air compressors.  When something goes wrong, experienced air compressor technicians can appropriately troubleshoot to save the device. They can also prevent premature replacement through regular servicing meant to catch issues before they lead to equipment failures. 

Because certified technicians like those at Brabazon are familiar with all major manufacturers and compressed air systems, they can diagnose and repair any serviceable problem. Brabazon’s mechanics work with rotary screw oil-free, high-pressure, single-stage, and portable air compressor types, to name a few.  

Protect Against Equipment Failure

Regular preventative maintenance conducted by air compressor technicians can detect problems before they arise, preventing downtime and the costs associated with it. Particularly in manufacturing settings, equipment failure is costly, to the tune of nearly $1 trillion per year. Don’t let your business become part of that statistic! 

A certified air compressor mechanic undergoes a yearly re-certification process that involves updating their knowledge of the industry and the particulars of all types of air compressors. Their training is conducted in-factory to better equip them for their fieldwork. These are the people you want regularly servicing your industrial air compressors to identify and prevent potential problems before they occur. 

Additionally, part of a Brabazon mechanic’s work is maintenance equipment through our AirCare Plus™ Planned Maintenance with Remote Monitoring. This plan includes regular maintenance with a 100-point inspection and analysis. 

Gain Critical Information & Training

Another wonderful benefit to working with certified technicians is education. They can answer all your questions and give you a better understanding of the issues that occurred, thereby helping to prevent them in the future. Brabazon’s technicians are not only regularly trained in air compressor operations and mechanics but they are also teachers of this information.

Indeed, our mechanics operate air compressor service schools throughout the country for a variety of corporations. So, they are skilled at discussing air compressors in a customer service setting and happy to help you gain more knowledge about them. 

Brabazon Is Your Industrial Air Compressor Mechanic In The Midwest

Brabazon has been in the business of industrial air compression since 1978. We specialize in both equipment sales and service so are knowledgeable about all aspects of air compression technology and operations. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to help you with your industrial air compressor. They are ready to assist you with getting and keeping your compressor up and running. For regular maintenance or emergency repair services on your industrial air compressor, contact Brabazon today.