Why Regular Lift Station Maintenance Service Is Important

If have a lift station at your facility, you should know about the importance of regular lift station maintenance. Lift stations are also known as pump stations and include things like sump pumps and other equipment used to lift water and other liquids out of the ground. Lift station systems are essential to many processes and the protection of property from flooding. To keep a lift station working, there are several reasons to schedule regular lift station maintenance service in the Midwest. 

Preserve The Lift Station’s Efficiency 

The main reason to arrange for regular maintenance is to maintain the lift station’s efficiency and output. In fact, preventative maintenance is the most important step to preserving a lift station’s efficiency. In order to continue to run properly and with utmost efficiency, all pump station components must be maintained.

While some failures may not lead to a full pump shutdown, many failures and issues instead lead to unexpected downtime and a slow degradation of efficiency over time. For example, you will want to have a control panel inspection conducted regularly to ensure there are no functioning issues that could lead to downtime and repairs.   

Save Money

Lift station preventative maintenance will save you money on repairs and emergency servicing and will prevent revenue losses caused by unexpected downtime. When your inspection technician catches a problem early, they can focus on assessing that issue and providing the best solution before any disruptions to your business occur. 

Regular lift station maintenance should include at least the following for preventing costly repairs down the line: 

  • Impeller inspection 
  • Oil inspection 
  • Motor inspection
  • Lifting chain or cable inspection

Any failure associated with these components of a lift station can lead to expensive and disruptive outages. So, conducting the above-listed inspections, as well as other necessary lift station inspections, will greatly reduce the likelihood of pump downtime and preventable repairs. 

Prevent Electrical Mishaps

When they happen during times of need and high operational demand, electrical issues in a lift station can lead to destruction. Because it is imperative to prevent electrical mishaps associated with lift station operation, any worthwhile lift station maintenance service will include a full electrical check. This component of the maintenance service should include, at minimum, monitoring of the following: 

  • Amperage readings
  • Voltage readings
  • Vibration reading  
  • Motor meg monitoring 

A complete electrical check that includes documentation of these details can drastically reduce the likelihood of lift station overloads and failures.  

Brabazon Offers Comprehensive Lift Station Maintenance Service

As lift station maintenance service providers, Brabazon understands the importance of preserving a lift station’s functionality, saving money on repairs, and preventing electrical mishaps. For all your maintenance needs, we make ourselves conveniently available to you with various locations throughout the Midwest

Additionally, when the unexpected does occur, we provide a 24-hour emergency service option. Just call us at 800.825.3222 and we will get to work on your repair ASAP. For all your lift station maintenance service questions and needs, contact Brabazon today.