5 Signs It’s Time For Air Compressor Servicing

Your work depends on a functional air compressor, and while these tools are designed to be used constantly, with heavy usage, air compressors require maintenance. With routine servicing, you’re less likely to lose time on the job due to more extensive repairs. Routine air compressor servicing can even significantly reduce your maintenance costs over time. At Brabazon we’re ready 24/7 to address your service needs to make sure your air compressor is in prime condition.

Air Compressor Servicing: Timing Is Everything

When it comes to routine maintenance, timing is everything. Too soon and you don’t need it yet, but too late and an easily addressed issue may have gotten worse and need more extensive repairs. Avoid the pitfalls of poor timing and pay attention to these 5 signs that it’s time for air compressor servicing:

1. Volume, Residue, or Overheating

If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time around your air compressor! No matter what business you’re in, if your air compressor is central to your work day, you will likely notice if anything seems abnormal. A telltale sign that your air compressor needs service includes your compressor making more noise than usual during operation. While air compressors aren’t silent tools by any means, an increase in volume is an indicator that it may be time for servicing. Another sign is an increase in oily residue. Most air compressors use lubricating oil, but too much oil in the wrong places can cause malfunction. Finally, overheating is also a sign of a blockage that needs to be addressed through service to the air compressor.

2. Dust and Dirt

Some environments naturally contain more dust and dirt than others. If you’re frequently using your air compressor in a space that gets dirty, consider scheduling servicing. It’s a good idea to service compressors in environments like these more often because they operate best when free of small particles and debris. If your compressor is operating below your standards, it may be that it needs service to address the dust and dirt it has collected in the work environment.

3. Sticker Shock Energy Bills

The typical cost to operate your air compressor is probably common knowledge to you by now. If an energy bill is creeping up or suddenly much higher than usual, an air compressor in need of servicing could be to blame. Air compressors are still operable with leaks, but leaks lead to inefficiency. The device will overcompensate for leaks by using more power to achieve the necessary pressure for operation. So, if your energy bills are giving you sticker shock, it may be time to check on your air compressor. An air audit by Brabazon is also a great way to make sure you’re operating at optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

4. Pressure Problems

In addition to a high energy bill, air pressure problems can become obvious as you use your compressor and are a clear sign that service is needed. If your compressor is working normally but there is an inaccurate pressure reading, the device may have a reporting problem. If you are experiencing consistently low air pressure while using the compressor, the gauge may have a reporting problem or there could be a leak or other underperforming components of the device. High pressure that is too high can also indicate the need for air compressor servicing. Signs of issues with high pressure include pressure fluctuations and pressure restrictions. Air compressor pressure that is too low or too high can also lead to safety concerns, so don’t delay scheduling service to address these issues.

5. It’s Been In Use For 2000-3000+ Hours

If you use your air compressor day in and day out, it may be time for servicing. It’s a good idea to get your air compressor professionally serviced at between 2000 and 3000 hours of use, or at least once a year. If your compressor is presenting any of the above issues or you are working in an environment that is particularly dirty, it’s worthwhile to call us for servicing sooner to avoid damage to the device and disruptions to your work.

Taking Care Of Your Investment

Take care of your investment by getting air compressor servicing sooner rather than later. When it comes to the best service for your essential equipment, we’re the experts you can reach with the experience you can trust. Contact Brabazon today for air compressor service and repair.