New Air Compressor

A new Brabazon customer in Illinois specializing in steel pipe fabrication recently needed a new air compressor to enhance their operations. However, their work environment presented challenges. We stepped in to offer a comprehensive solution to meet their requirements.

Overcoming Challenges in a Demanding Work Environment

Our customer encountered obstacles when searching for a new air compressor. Their work environment is characterized by the debris and dirt of the steel piping industry, making it crucial to find equipment that can withstand these conditions. We understood the unique needs of our client. We proposed a solution that includes housing for their compressor to protect it from the elements and that will prevent wear and tear from the workspace.

A Solution from Brabazon

To address the challenges faced by this manufacturer, we recommended an AWA (All Weather Air) package, which included an AWA to house the air compressor. AWA builds its air compressor stations to be weather-resistant and durable while still easy to enter for routine maintenance. Including an AWA provided the necessary protection for their VSD (Variable Speed Drive) compressor, optimizing energy efficiency and performance.

Energy Efficiency and Rebate Opportunities

Investing in new equipment can be a significant expense for any business. However, we recognized the financial concerns of the business and sought energy-based cost-saving opportunities. By combining the right housing for energy efficiency through AWA and an energy-saving compressor, our client secured an Ameren Energy rebate of $9,375, reducing the financial burden of new equipment costs.

Unlock Your Potential with a New Air Compressor

Building strong partnerships with customers is at the core of our business philosophy. This success story exemplifies our dedication to delivering reliable and innovative solutions for businesses across the Midwestern United States.

If you are searching for a new air compressor for your business, Brabazon is here to assist you. Your work environment and requirements are unique. By partnering with us, you gain our expertise in finding the ideal combination of products to suit your work environment. Partner with us and discover how our customized solutions can optimize your operations.