Sauer Compressors – 6000 Series Boosters

Sauer Compressors USA has spent the last 70 years developing compressors for a wide selection of industries and functionalities. Customers continue to turn to Sauer for process engineering that requires high-quality compressed gas or air. Today Sauer offers 3 and 4-stage gas compressors for up to 5075 PSL in a standardized product range. The 6000 series Sauer compressor boosters meet industrial market demands with turn-key water-cooled compressor packages that provide air or gas for your project. Based upon Sauer’s vast experience with robust Warship compressors for the World’s Navies, the water-cooled WP6000 can be readily adapted using any combination of cylinders or compression stages to meet the precise requirement for flow and pressure. 

You can find all Sauer compressors at any of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to talk to an Account Manager and discover which air compressor is best for your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

With up to six cylinders, the 6000 series Sauer compressor boosters have a flexible design to accommodate any customization you may require. 

Standard Features & Benefits of the 6000 Series Sauer Compressor Boosters

  • Proven concentric valves from Sauer’s existing MP and HP product range in all stages.
  • Identical piston diameter in LP stages and HP crosshead guides for maximum flexibility. Cylinder, cylinder heads, and coolers can be dismantled separately to ease maintenance and repair.
  • Pressure tight crankcase up to 290 psi.
  • Integrated flexible coupling and direct-drive for high reliability and low maintenance.
  • Pressure oil lubrication and 3-layer
  • State of the art compressors, air treatment systems, and control systems.
  • Turn-key solutions produced in alignment with customer needs.
  • 100% compressor check at final pressure including 3.1 inspection certificate.
  • Long operating life with guaranteed availability of replacement parts at a minimum of 25 years. 
  • Continuous customer support extending over the lifespan of the product. 
  • Applicable for a wide range of industries including:
    • Oil and Gas.
    • Metallurgy.
    • Mining.
    • Research and Development. 
    • Processing.
    • Power Distribution.
    • Power Generation.
    • Military

What Sauer Compressors are Typically Used For

  • Stationary fire extinguishing systems.
  • Supplying breathing air.
  • Inflating aircraft tires.
  • Starting turbines.
  • Supplying aircraft systems.
  • Drilling deep boreholes.
  • Descaling.
  • Raising steel press pressure.
  • Argon and nitrogen carbon treatment.
  • Cleaning and checking pipelines.
  • Revitalizing oil wells.
  • Motion compensating onboard floating crude-oil platforms.
  • Helium recovery.
  • Crash tests for vehicle development.
  • Natural-gas storage.
  • Filling and generating pressure for autoclaves.
  • Raising wood press pressure.
  • Inflating aircraft tires.
  • Creating an inert atmosphere. 
  • Checking brakes, airbags, injection systems, gastightness, valves, and containers under pressure.
  • Hardening materials. 
  • Desulphurization.
  • Recovering gas that is lost from leakage.
  • Actuating open power switches.
  • Extinguishing electrical arcs.
  • And more!