Airleader CN

The Airleader CN is an air control system and compressor network for your air compression needs. Within the network, up to 32 compressors, with two-speed control, and 32 accessory analog modules can be connected. The network runs only the number of compressors necessary for any given task to avoid idling and, therefore, saves you on wasted energy costs. This conservatory approach also means that the network operates at maximum efficiency. 

For easy control, the Airleader CN air control system features a 17” color touchscreen industrial PC (IPC) along with 20 GB of memory and an ethernet connection. These features make for complete web visualization through the controller housing unit. Additionally, the compressor network can also be controlled on WiFi-enabled devices, such as smartphones and laptops. You can also conveniently wall mount the industrial chassis.   

You can purchase an Airleader CN Air Control System and any of its components at one of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to ask an Account Manager questions about which air control system will be best suited to your purposes. 

Features & Benefits

These Airleader CN Air Control Systems provide the reliable air control and air compression you need for a variety of applications. There are many features that come standard across all Airleader CNs, making them your top choice for effective and simple air compression.  

Standard Features of the Airleader CN Air Control System

  • Ability to connect up to 32 compressors and 32 analog modules. 
  • Up to 132 connectable analog modules. 
  • Compressors that are 2 speed-controlled. 
  • 17” color touchscreen industrial PC.
  • 4 RS 485 interfaces and 2 USB interfaces. 
  • Data storage via web server and free downloads from the company homepage (in the event of a data loss from your own server). 
  • 20 years of storage capacity that allows for back-up storage of data.
  • Up to 68 analog inputs for sensor purposes. 
  • Up to 96 digital inputs for fault/operation messages.
  • 4 distinct pressure profiles. 
  • Timer featuring 2 switching outputs that can be set weekly. 
  • Industrial chassis for wall mounting.
  • 1 ethernet connection. 

Optional Features of the Airleader CN Air Control System

  • OPC-Server. 
  • Modbus-Server.
  • Modbus TCP.
  • GSM Modem.