Airleader Master II+

The Airleader Master II+ is an air control system and compressor network for a variety of air compression applications. This network can consist of up to 16 compressors, with two-speed control, and 8 accessory analog modules that are all connected and operate in unison. To eliminate idling, the network utilizes only the compressors necessary for a particular task, offering tremendous energy cost savings. This economical approach contributes to maximum efficiency. 

The Airleader Master II+ air control system features a 7” color touchscreen along with 16 GB of memory and an ethernet connection. These features allow for complete web visualization through a data carrier. Additionally, the compressor network data can be downloaded for free from the company website in the event of a data loss. And, for more convenience, the durable industrial chassis is wall-mountable. 

You can purchase an Airleader Master II+ Air Control System and any of its components at one of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to ask an Account Manager questions about which air control system will be best suited to your purposes.

Features & Benefits

These Airleader Master II+ Air Control Systems provide consistent and reliable air control and air compression for a range of industrial applications. Many features come standard across all Airleader Master II+s, contributing to their effective and simple air compression output.  

Standard Features of the Airleader Master II+ Air Control System

  • Ability to connect up to 16 compressors and 8 analog modules. 
  • Up to 52 connectable sensors. 
  • Compressors that are 2 speed-controlled. 
  • 7” color touchscreen interface.
  • 4 RS 485 interfaces and 2 USB interfaces. 
  • Data storage via web server and free downloads from the company homepage (in the event of a data loss from your own server). 
  • 20 years of storage capacity that allows for back-up storage of data.
  • Up to 20 analog inputs for sensor purposes. 
  • Up to 24 digital inputs for fault/operation messages.
  • 4 distinct pressure profiles. 
  • 2 switching outputs timer that can be set weekly. 
  • Industrial chassis for wall mounting.
  • WLAN. 
  • 1 ethernet connection. 
  • USB-enabled upgrading and downloading. 
  • Convenient maintenance function. 

Optional Features of the Airleader Master II+ Air Control System

  • Alarm and service management.
  • OPC- / Modbus server.
  • Modbus TCP and RTU.