Airtech – Dental Oral Evacuation Systems – 3BA

The Airtech 3BA series vacuums are regenerative vacuum and pressure blowers. Regenerative vacuum and pressure blowers use a nonpositive displacement process to pressurize air and are well suited to industrial air moving applications requiring low pressure or vacuum levels. These vacuum blowers are frequently used in industrial settings involving manufacturing, food processing, chemical processing, aquaculture, textile and printing. In particular, they are used for applications such as vacuum transfer, chemical transfer and agitation, pellet transfer, aeration, ink drying, labeling and purging of harmful chemical emissions. 

The Airtech 3BA series of vacuums are designed to be compact and lightweight, both features that contribute to operation ease and efficiency. They also feature a high operating capacity and function at a low sound level, supporting a quieter industrial work setting. The mechanical efficiency of the Airtech 3BA series vacuums, particularly in comparison to positive displacement blowers, makes them an ideal choice for applications across the sectors mentioned above. 

You can purchase any of the Airtech 3BA series vacuums at one of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to ask an Account Manager questions about which vacuum will best serve your intended applications.

Features & Benefits

These regenerative vacuum and pressure blowers offer the necessary power and operational consistency for many air moving applications that call for low pressure or low vacuum levels but significant output. A variety of features come standard with the Airtech 3BA Series Vacuums. Check out what you can expect from the 3BA series below. 

Standard Features of all Airtech 3BA Series Vacuums

  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Close-coupled construction contributes to quick and seamless integration into an existing system.
  • Fast-rotating and contact-free impellers. 
  • Operates at low dB(A) sound level contributes to noticeably quiet operation. 
  • An operating capacity ranges up to 1500 CFM.
  • End vacuum capability of up to 20” Hg or a pressure of 13 PSIG.
  • Outbound bearing runs cooler than comparable models. 
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation.
  • Oil-free operation that is environmentally friendly.
  • Standard TEFC motors with Class F insulation.
  • Motors are UL recognized and CE compliant.
  • Die-cast aluminum construction contributes to rugged and durable operation.