Pfannenberg – CC Series

The Pfannenberg Chiller CC series boasts the EB Chillers’ full-featured design along with the rack series’ economic functionality. The CC in CC series stands for “compact chiller,” so you know you are getting a small footprint option for your intended applications. Different models of these coolers feature capacities of 2.7 gallons and 6.8 gallons. The coolers in this CC series also feature options for customization so they can meet the requirements of your specific intended cooling applications.  

The CC series chillers are energy efficient and adaptable to any environment, offering reliability and efficiency. In fact, these compact chillers have received top grading categories when it comes to energy consumption. This efficient energy consumption is due in part to the chillers’ ability to be either centralized or decentralized. With centralization, one chiller accommodates various cooling needs, and with decentralization a different chiller is assigned to each application. Another aspect of these chillers that contributes to their efficiency is their precise temperature controls that allow for seamless integration of various parts and operations to ensure a consistently cooled circuit.  

The Pfannenberg Chillers CC series is available through Brabazon. Contact us today to inquire about purchasing from one of our Midwest Brabazon locations and to ask an Account Manager questions about which chiller in this series will be best suited to your industrial applications requiring a cooling component.

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Features & Benefits

The Pfannenberg Chillers CC series features a variety of standard settings and capabilities, along with an exceptionally small footprint and options for customization. These standard features outlined below make the CC series of chillers your best choice for industrial liquid cooling applications in a convenient and small package. 

Standard Features of the Pfannenberg Chiller – CC Series

  • Ability to cool various pieces of equipment and operations simultaneously 
  • Ability to cool individual pieces of equipment and operations
  • Full-featured design and small footprint
  • Precise temperature control for a consistent and efficient liquid cooling process
  • Easy shipment and installation due to compact design 
  • The small design is also service friendly with various options for accessibility  
  • Impressive energy efficiency due to low energy consumption to output requirements