Pfannenberg – EB Series

The Pfannenberg Chiller EB series provides the highest cooling capacity and the smallest footprint for various industrial applications. These coolers range in size from under 1/2 ton to 30 tons, so the appropriate cooling capacity is offered for virtually all applications. And different models feature capacities of 8 gallons, 13 gallons, 18.5 gallons, 31.7 gallons, 68 gallons and 93 gallons. The coolers in this EB series also feature loads of customization options to help them meet the requirements of your specific intended applications.  

These liquid coolers are designed for industrial settings and applications and provide reliability, efficiency and an exceptionally long service life. They offer temperature control that is precise while being absolutely reliable, even when in continuous operation. Additionally, these coolers are compact in size, contributing to their small footprint and ease of installation in your industrial setting. They are also easy to maintain and repair if needed. 

All Pfannenberg Chillers in the EB series are available through Brabazon. Contact us today to inquire about purchasing from one of our Midwest Brabazon locations and to ask an Account Manager questions about which capacity and size will best accommodate your liquid cooling requirements.

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Features & Benefits

The Pfannenberg Chillers in the EB series feature a variety of standard settings and capabilities, along with many options for customization. This combination of standard features and optimization options, along with a wide range of sizes and capacities, makes the EB series of chillers your best choice for industrial liquid cooling applications. 

Standard Features of the Pfannenberg Chiller – EB Series

  • Consistent and reliable recirculated liquid cooling of machinery, hydraulics and automation components
  • Smallest possible footprint along with maximum liquid cooling capabilities
  • Highly precise temperature control for an improved liquid cooling process
  • Noticeably compact design that allows for easy installation at the industrial site
  • Maintenance friendly design with easily accessible component parts
  • Design and functionality that meet global requirements, such as UL certification 
  • Constructed with high quality components that support a long operational life and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Exceptional reliability ensures your industrial fluid cooling applications will be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.