Ebara – Surface Pump

The Ebara Surface Pump is part of a complete line of stainless steel surface pumps designed to withstand highly corrosive chemical applications. These surface pumps provide end suction, solids handling and dewatering. The Ebara line of surface pumps include end suction centrifugal, multistage, and submersible sump, as well as effluent and sewage pumps.  

The surface pump is utilized in a variety of residential, industrial and commercial applications. Common uses of this surface pump include municipal water and wastewater transferring. These surface pumps are also generally appropriate for surface pumping purposes that involve radial discharge along with horizontal or vertical shaft axis. 

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Features & Benefits

The Ebara Surface Pump is an excellent choice for all your surface pumping needs. There are many model options and purposes to choose from in order to meet your specific requirements, but there are some noteworthy features that come standard across the Ebara surface pump variations.    

Standard Features of the Ebara Surface Pump

  • Single-stage or multistage pump options.
  • Closed or open impeller options. 
  • Constructed of AISI 304 and 316 steel. 

Ebara Surface Pump Types

  • Self-priming pumps are engineered for handling clean water and irrigation of gardens. They include specialized hydraulics, such as an ejector and diffuser that make them well suited to absorbing water to a depth of 8 meters. 
  • Single and twin impeller centrifugal pumps are engineered for residential and industrial applications. These applications include garden irrigation, washing, clean water handling, cooling towers and air conditioning systems. 
  • EN 733 standardized pumps are engineered for industrial applications such as irrigation, heating and washing systems. These pumps offer axial suction and radial delivery. Optional ATEX motor. 
  • Multistage pumps are engineered for residential and industrial applications and are known for their small footprint, high performance and silent operation. These pumps are specifically able to achieve consistent high liquid pressure. 
  • Swimming pool pumps are self-priming and engineered specifically to ensure water circulation in small and medium-sized pools’ filtration systems. Additionally, they feature a built-in purifier.