Ebara – Wastewater Submersible Pump

The Ebara Wastewater Submersible Pump is a cast iron pump used for a variety of purposes. Ebara’s line of wastewater pumps includes submersible sewage, submersible sump, semi-vortex, grinder, non-clog and dry pit models, each perfectly suited for its individual purpose. These hearty wastewater pumps are made of cast iron and are used in a variety of industrial, municipal, flood control, residential water and wastewater applications. 

This line of wastewater submersible pumps include impressive large solids handling capabilities that effectively and consistently prevent clogs even in the trickiest wastewater pumping applications. 

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Features & Benefits

The Ebara Wastewater Submersible Pump is an excellent choice for a range of pumping needs. There are numerous features that come standard in these cast iron wastewater submersible pumps, making them a robust and reliable option for wastewater pumping applications.    

Standard Features of the Ebara Wastewater Submersible Pump

  • Horsepower ranges up to 800 HP. 
  • Capacities up to 35,000 GPM. 
  • Maximum liquid temperature of 104℉ and 40℃. 
  • Cast iron constructed casing, impeller and motor frame. 
  • Stainless steel constructed shaft and fastener offer the pump increased strength and resilience through tough applications. 
  • Autocut feature provides motor protection against overheating as well as out of phase, single phasing and no load, helping prolong the motor’s life and high functioning capabilities. 
  • Submersible 33 ft. standard cable with an option 66 ft. cable. 
  • Replaceable cable reduces overall maintenance cost by delaying the need for full equipment replacement. 
  • Air-filled, insulated Class F motor distributes heat, helping the device to function at a cool temperature providing higher efficiency, extended lifespan and reduced operating costs.
  • Pre-lubricated ball bearings with 60,000 hour lifespan, guaranteeing dependable operation and minimal maintenance costs. 
  • Double mechanical seal with carbon/ceramic upper construction and silicon carbide lower construction. 
  • The double mechanical seal supports an extended service life with reduced maintenance costs. 
  • Semi-open impeller provides a large wear area with open passageways supporting robust, long-lasting performance.