Elevation – 70mm-273mm (2 ½” – 10”) (273mmm Special Order Only)

The Elevation 70mm-273mm from Applied System Technologies (AST) is a large diameter piping system providing superior performance for a variety of applications, including movement of compressed air. The Elevation piping system can also be utilized for moving inert gasses and for vacuum systems. 

In addition to its outstanding performance, the Elevation 70mm-273mm piping system is cost efficient in a variety of ways. First, it is exceptionally lightweight, making it easy to install, thereby reducing the necessity of installation labor. Additionally, the system is constructed from marine-grade aluminum, making it corrosion resistant. This material choice also contributes to lowering energy costs associated with operation and eliminates the need for regular maintenance.  

To purchase an Elevation 70mm-273mm piping system, visit one of our Midwest Brabazon locations or contact us to speak with one of our Account Managers about which piping system is best for your intended application.

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Features & Benefits

The Elevation 70mm-273mm piping systems are exceptionally easy to install and operate, and they provide lasting reliable functionality. On top of that, a variety of features come standard with all Elevation 70mm-272mm piping systems, making them your clear choice for applications involving compressed air, inert gasses and vacuum systems. 

Standard Features of all Elevation 70mm-273mm

  • Manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminum, providing utmost corrosion protection.
  • The high quality aluminum also ensures that fluids and gasses moving through the piping system are minimally disrupted. 
  • Grooved fitting design that produces zero contamination and contributes to the lowest cost of ownership and operation in comparison to other piping systems. 
  • Aluminum used for construction is ten times lighter than steel, making Elevation the lightest piping system on the market.
  • Leak-free operation contributes to significant energy savings.
  • An overall design that is widely accepted as a leader in the air compression piping network market.
  • Smooth bore tube allows for consistent and high volume flow performance.
  • Blue model signifies compressed air pairing.
  • Other model options are available in black and gray. 
  • All functions are fully tested and compliant with all relevant codes.
  • 10-year guarantee of leak-free operation provides peace of mind for years of hearty use.