Sullair – ES-6 S-energy 5 – 10 HP

The Sullair ES-6 S-energy 5 – 10 HP Encapsulated Rotary Screw Compressors are stationary Performance Air Systems that are perfect for your small horsepower needs. Sullair S-energy compressors function on energy-saving technology, significantly reducing operation costs. The ES-6 air compressors feature capacities from 13 to 36 acfm and pressure ranges of 125 and 165 psig (8.6 and 12.1 bar). An optional complete system for the ES-6 unit includes a Sullair encapsulated compressor, Sullair dryer, Sullair filter and a storage tank (of either 80 or 120 gallon capacity). 

The ES-6 S-energy air compressors are compact, reliable and quiet and will noticeably lower your air compression maintenance costs. You can find all Sullair rotary screw industrial air compressors at any of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to talk to an Account Manager and discover which air compressor is best for your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

The ES-6 S-energy air compressors offer reliable and long lasting functionality through a variety of standard features and benefits described below.

Standard Features of the Sullair ES-6 S-energy 5 – 10 HP Air Compressors:

  • Simplified design includes fewer parts and connections.
  • Outstanding rotary screw functionality and reliability.
  • Single-stage rotary screw air end features Sullair’s E-Profile rotors and rugged bearing design.
  • Low restriction inlet valve provides Sullair’s proven air end. 
  • High efficiency cooling fan.  
  • Energy loss prevention through low pressure drop air-fluid separation.
  • Extended operating life via improved separator and fluid filter. 
  • Protection against lubricant contamination.   
  • Sound enclosure reduces noise levels to 68 dBA.
  • Fluid reservoirs guarantee continuous fluid supply, extending air end life. 
  • Flange-mounted motor optimizes life of air end and motor and provides positive alignment with varying voltage options including 200V, 230V, 460V and 575V. 
  • Modulation and load/no load functionalities. 
  • Easily accessible and replaceable maintenance components. 

Long-Life Fluid Options 

  • Sullube® comes standard
    • One-year or 8000-hour service life.
    • Biodegradable. 
    • Reduces fluid disposal costs. 
  • PristineFG™ is optional 
    • Custom-blended food grade fluid. 
    • Up to 6,000 hours of lubricant life. 
    • Reduced lubricant consumption.

Best Warranties in the Industry

  • All lubricated stationary air compressors with discharge pressures up to 150 psig that are shipped from Sullair’s US facilities include a comprehensive Extended Warranty parts and labor coverage:
    • 10 years on the air end.
    • 5 years on the motor, VSD, air/fluid receiver, oil cooler and aftercooler.