Sullair – ES-6 S-energy 5 – 10 HP

The  Sullair ES-6 is a stationary Performance Air System designed for small horsepower applications. Sullair S-energy compressors incorporate energy-saving technologies that significantly reduce both operating costs and energy costs.

ES-6 air compressors have capacities from 13 to 36 acfm and pressures of 125 and 175 psig (8.6 and 12.1 bar). A complete system includes a Sullair encapsulated compressor, Sullair dryer, Sullair filter and either an 80 gallon or 120 gallon storage tank. The dryer, filter, receiver and compressor enclosure are optional components.

Brabazon offers sales and service on all Sullair rotary screw air compressors at each of our Midwest locations.

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