Sullair – F-Series

The Sullair F-series air compressor provides you with reliable 100% oil-free air. With flow rates up to 118,000 CFM, the F-series takes flexibility, power and pressure to a whole new level. This series consists of custom-designed air compressors that meet your specific needs. These air compressors have a highly efficient design that significantly reduces energy consumption without sacrificing performance. The F-series offers the perfect solution for applications requiring completely oil-free air, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, automotive painting and textiles. For improved convenience, all major parts are easily accessible and maintenanced through the horizontal split design gearbox. 

You can find all Sullair air compressors at any of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to talk to an Account Manager and discover which air compressor is best for your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

The F-series air compressors’ customization provides you outstanding flexibility and performance that is just right for your air compression needs. You can depend on the features described below to come standard with all air compressors in our F-series. See specifications for each model type further down.   

Standard Features of Sullair – F-Series Air Compressors

  • Class 0 Oil-Free Air for applications requiring 100% pure oil-free air.
  • High efficiency design that reduces energy consumption, saving you on operation costs. 
  • Easily accessible, low maintenance parts. 
  • Available in packaged and non-packaged options with compression ranges from single to four stages. 
  • Options for customization to meet your specific requirements, including a range of pressure and flow choices. 

F25-44 Series

  • Model: f 25/30/36/44.
  • Packaged 1-4 stages.
  • 1200~20,000 SCFM flow rate.
  • F 25/30: 15~230 PSIG discharge pressure.
  • F 36/44: 15~360 PSIG discharge pressure.

F53/115 Series

  • Model: f 53/64/78/115.
  • Non-packaged 3-4 stages.
  • 20,000~118,000 SCFM flow rate.
  • F 53/64: 15~360 PSIG discharge pressure.
  • F 78/95/115: 15~230 PSIG discharge pressure.

F25-f53 Series

  • Model: f 25H/30H/36H/44H/53H.
  • 3-4 stages.
  • 1350~12,000 SCFM flow rate.
  • 230~725 discharge pressure.
  • Well suited for applications involving recycle and booster air compression.