Grundfos – Digital Dosing/Metering Pump

The Grundfos digital dosing/metering pump is a SMART digital diaphragm pump for demanding and complex fluid applications. This metering pump comes fitted with an internal stepper motor drive, and you can select a Pre-Engineered version or a Customer Built Dosing Skid System. 

Grundfos is known for its efficient and sustainable products. These pumps are user-friendly, reliable, and energy-efficient. The digital interface and operation of these metering pumps supports easy output regulation for a variety of needs. The Grundfos metering pump will provide you convenience and peace of mind, and benefit the environment in the process.

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Features & Benefits

These metering pumps offer an advanced, modern solution for your accurate fluid delivery needs. A variety of standard features make this digital dosing/metering pump easy to use, consistent, and environmentally friendly.   

Standard Features of the Grundfos Digital Dosing/Metering Pump

  • Mechanically actuated diaphragm. 
  • Continuous full stroke operation and stroke speed control.
  • Backlit digital interface display equipped with soft touch button keypad, circular menu and multi-language options. 
  • Analog 4-20 mA control. 
  • Pulse control options.
  • Analog control 0/4-20 mA input. 
  • Dual level control and capacity limitation. 
  • Overload protection.
  • Anti-cavitation/high viscosity mode supports optimal priming and pumping of difficult liquids through 25-50% slower suction speed settings. 
  • The dosing skid system functions at a 1000:1 turndown ratio, providing superior flexibility and accuracy for dosing small volumes. 
  • Adjustable maximum capacity setting allows you to choose a maximum value from the pump’s performance range. 
  • Advanced calibration capabilities provide you simple dosage adjustment following an initial, one-time calibration. 


  • Rigid Suction Line is adjustable length and comprised of a foot valve with strainer, rigid suction pipe, tank connection and suction tubing.
  • External Dosing Monitor detects and prevents potential gas accumulation in the dosing head by suspending functions even when the pump is still operating. 
  • Installation Kit contains a foot valve with strainer and weight, a spring-loaded injection valve and tubing. 
  • Multifunction Valve mounts on the pump discharge connection and provides constant back pressure and protects against excessive pressure. 
  • Back Pressure and Relief Valve provides dosing accuracy in applications with fluctuating pressure.