KRSV Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Positive displacement pumps create a vacuum by drawing the air or gas from a chamber through the intermeshing rotary screws and discharging back to the atmosphere. This continuous process flow moves gas at a constant speed, making it a stable and reliable choice for many industrial applications. Vacuum pumps are highly reliable and efficient, produce low noise, and some types can be used in harsh environments.

One of the most reliable types of positive displacement pumps is the rotary screw vacuum pump. Similar to rotary screw compressors, vacuum pumps typically feature a pair of screws that rotate continuously and force gas into a chamber to increase its pressure. This technology provides stable, continuous operation to meet the needs of a range of commercial users. Controls are able to vary operating speeds to tailor production for their project or process requirements. This customization keeps energy use down, improving efficiency and saving you money.


  • Low Energy Consumption: Our vacuum pumps are the most efficient and economical on the market. VSD drives on vacuum pumps maximize the energy required to perform at various vacuum levels, therefore increasing overall efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance: Kaishan’s vacuum pumps were designed to reduce the total cost of ownership through reduced maintenance costs.
  • Automatic Alerts: Kaishan vacuum pumps automatically alert users when performance falls below a specified threshold. Sophisticated microprocessor controls allow you to fine-tune machine operation to meet your requirements.
  • Low Noise: Kaishan is dedicated to designing and manufacturing vacuum pumps that do not disrupt operations. Many of our vacuum pumps are quiet enough to hold a conversation nearby.