Sauer Compressors – Mistral Series

The Mistral Series Sauer compressors (the ‘LB’ series) are gas boosters that can accept suction pressures from 58 – 116 PSI to deliver gas to a maximum of 580 PSI. Customers continue to turn to Sauer for process engineering that requires high-quality compressed gas or air due to their 70+ years of providing dependable compressor products to multiple industries. Today Sauer offers 3 and 4-stage gas compressors for up to 5075 PSL in a standardized product range. 

You can find all Sauer compressors at any of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to talk to an Account Manager and discover which air compressor is best for your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

These models are designed to have no belt maintenance, a small installation footprint, and continuous operation in extreme environments. 

Standard Features of the Mistral Series Sauer Compressors


  • Multi-stage oil-lubricated piston compressor.
  • Automatic oil and water drain valves.
  • Gas-tight over-pressure safety valves at each stage.
  • Over-pressure safety valves at each stage.
  • Inter-stage and final after-cool with oil and water separators.
  • Auto-starting relief integrated with drain system.
  • Gas over-temperature protective shutdown sensor.
  • Pressure and temperature indicators and sensor-switch at all stages.
  • Air-blast cooling fan and flywheel.
  • Lubricating oil level alarm.
  • Gas suction connection.
  • Flexible drive coupling.
  • Direct drive electric motor.
  • Resilient AV mounts.
  • Outlet flexible hose with non-return valve.
  • Flexible oil and water drain hose.
  • Auto start and stop pressure sensor control.


  • Gas-tight over-pressure safety valves at each stage.
  • Pressure indicator at each stage.
  • Oil lubrication including protection sensor.
  • Crankcase oil sump heating.
  • Direct-drive ex-motor (ATEX).
  • Oil and water drain gas separator ‘demister’ vessel.
  • Oil and water collection tank.
  • Oil and water collection tank.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • Acoustic enclosure.
  • Ex-proof drive coupling.
  • Anti-static air-blast cooling fan.
  • Auto stop and start pressure sensor control.
  • Gas drying.
  • Final pressure maintaining valve.
  • Outlet purge connection.
  • Outlet oil vapor activated carbon filtration.
  • Outlet oil coalescing filtration. 
  • Flexible suction gas hose.
  • Suction gas protection.
  • Inlet gas pulsation damper.
  • Capacity control.
  • Suction gas shutoff valve.
  • Suction gas regulation.
  • In-line gas suction filter.
  • Supply gas isolating valve.
  • Supply gas pressure sensor control.