PACO – LC/LF Series Centrifugal Pump

The PACO LC/LF series centrifugal pump from Grundfos is known industry-wide for its performance, quality, and durability. The PACO line has an expanded selection of 32 sizes available, making PACO pumps dependable for their flexibility and accommodability. High operating efficiency is provided by the innovative design, even during conditions of off-design operation. 

You can find Grundfos centrifugal pumps, including those from PACOS, at any of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to talk to an Account Manager and discover which pump is best for your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

General benefits of the PACO LC/LF series centrifugal pump include a lower initial cost, longer pump life, reduced operating and maintenance costs, quieter operation, and maximum reliability. 

Standard Features of the PACO LC/LF Series Centrifugal Pump

Footed Bearing Frame

  • Makes maintenance easy and provides rotating equipment support during servicing.

Footless Volute

  • Minimizes misalignment and flange strain of thermal expansion on volute.
  • Allows for the flexibility of discharge orientation.
  • Creates single-point support for reducing alignment restrictions, extending seal and bearing life.

Permanently Sealed for Life Bearings

  • Minimizes maintenance and environmental contamination.

Machined Mounting Surfaces and Fabricated Base Plate 

  • Allow for easy alignment.

Choice of Motor Enclosures

  • Enhances flexibility of design. 

Back Pull-Out Design

  • Enable maintenance without disturbing piping.

Double Volute Design

  • Minimizes radial loads, turbulence, and internal recirculation allowing for an increase in efficiency, lower lifecycle costs, and prolonged bearing life.

Large Seal Chamber

  • For various deal configurations and customization.

Integrally Cast Diffuser Vane 

  • Reduces turbulence and pre-rotation with the laminar flow into oversized impeller eye, minimizing the need for extended horizontal suction pipe runs, elbows, or suction guides. 

Francis Vane Impeller Design

  • Increases efficiency and reduces NPSHr.

Bronze Case Wear Rings 

  • Extend pump life and increase efficiency.
  • Allow for simple and affordable renewal of operating tolerances for years of operation.


  • Hydraulically balanced to decrease thrust loads and prolong seal and bearing life.
  • Static and dynamically balanced ISO 1940-G3 for reduced noise and vibration.
  • Trimmed specifications provided by the customer.