PACO – VL/VLS Series Inline Pump


The PACO VL/VLS series of Grundfos pumps are part of the SMART family of pump products which are better engineered to increase efficiency and reduce radial loads. SMART pumps are also designed to help reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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Features & Benefits

The PACO VL/VLS series of inline pumps are the superior option for space and cost savings. They come with a variety of standard features that will keep your inline pump running smoothly for years to come with little maintenance or hassle. 

Standard Features of PACO – VL/VLS Series Inline Pumps

  • Motor is mounted on heavy duty, rigid brackets machined and reliable. 
  • Case wear rings provide protection for the pump casing and allow for easy maintenance accessibility. The case wear rings also contribute to ongoing operating efficiency and are fully replaceable.  
  • Inline design that requires no floor space and reduces costs associated with material and installation. 
  • Inline flanges make reducers, elbows, and other fittings unnecessary.
  • Francis Vane design impellers enhance pump efficiency.
  • Extended vanes and enlarged eye contribute to reduced vibration, noise, and required NPSH. 
  • Vertical shaft configuration contributes to extended seal and bearing life 
  • Suction baffle directs flow into the impeller eye for improved distribution. Improved distribution stops losses from pre-rotation and suction and contributes to quiet operation. 
  • Compensated double volute design helps to eliminate radial forces due to hydraulic imbalance. 
  • Various martial options for customization that meets your specific needs.