Pure-Aire – PDF Series

The Pure-Aire Mist Eliminator PDF Series eradicates oil-contaminated mist and particles to protect your equipment, thereby improving product quality and reducing energy costs. This series works in conjunction with a variety of air compressors and air compression systems to provide oil and particulate-free compressed air. These eliminators feature a lower pressure drop that helps to eliminate the need for maintenance and contributes to energy savings.

This low pressure drop design is in fact the lowest in the industry at 0.5 psi. In comparison, most comparable filters function at 4 to 6 psid higher than Pure-Aire’s. The general guideline for calculating energy savings through pressure drop levels is 1% for the elimination of every 2 psi pressure drop. In other words, a lower pressure drop equals lower horsepower requirements for the air compressor. And Pure-Mist Eliminators PDF Series have an impressively low pressure drop!

You can purchase Pure-Aire Mist Eliminators PDF Series at one of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to ask an Account Manager questions about mist eliminator options and best practices.  

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Features & Benefits

The Pure-Aire Mist Eliminator PDF series comes with a variety of standard features and benefits that ensure reliably high performance and energy efficiency for applications requiring oil and particulate free compressed air. Check out the standard features to see how these mist eliminators exceed all standard filtration precedents. 

Standard Features of the Pure-Aire Mist Eliminators PDF Series

  • Available up to 10,000 CFM.
  • Vessel design at 150 PSIG. 
  • Pressure drop that is considered ultra low, leading to reduced operating costs. 
  • Filtration that is high efficiency.
    • Removes solid particles 0.1 to 0.3 micron at 99.98% efficiency to 0.5 ppm by weight.
  • Filtration media accommodates higher load capacities than conventional filters. 
    • Provides 11 to 16 times more filtration surface area, higher dirt holding capabilities and lower pressure drop. 
  • 7 -15 year lifespan average. 

Annual energy savings on 100 HP systems

  • $ 0.05/kWh x 8760 hours x 74.6 kW x 2% = $ 653
  • $ 0.08/kWh x 8760 hours x 74.6 kW x 2% = $ 1046
  • $ 0.10/kWh x 8760 hours x 74.6 kW x 2% = $ 1307