Peerless – 8175 Series Centrifugal Pump

The Peerless 8175 series centrifugal pump is part of the Peerless pump PERFORMER™ series which are manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements and meet the latest ASME and ANSI B73.1M specifications. The PERFORMER™ series combines high efficiency, maximum performance, and extended mean time between failure for reduced maintenance cost. Quality engineering, innovative design, rugged heavy duty construction, ad customer commitment have made the Peerless PERFORMER™ series ANSI pumps the fastest growing chemical process pump line in the industry. 

You can find Peerless centrifugal pumps at any of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to talk to an Account Manager and discover which pump is best for your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

The Peerless 8175 series pumps are engineered to lower your operating costs over time. Designed for endurance, it is possible to replace only the back-pullout assembly without having to remove the coupling motor. 


Standard Features of the Peerless 8175 Series Centrifugal Pump


Multiple Impeller Designs


2, 2/4, 4, 5, and 6 vane impeller designs are available to meet operating conditions from clear liquids to slurries up to 6% paper stock. Back pump out vanes minimize stuffing box pressure and entry of solids.


Inpro VBX Bearing Isolators


Labrynth seals protect bearings from environmental contamination in both static and dynamic modes. 


Heavy Duty Bearings


Radial and thrust bearings have high load capacity. Bearings are sized for a minimum AFBMA B-10 life of 3 years. 




Designed for minimum deflection at maximum load. Bearing and packing surfaces machined to less than 32 micro inches. 


External Impeller Adjustment 

Pump performance is maximized through simple external adjustment of impeller clearance. Energy costs to operate the pump are minimized.


Bulls Eye Sight Glass 


One inch size for easy accurate monitoring of oil level and condition. Trico oiler available as an option.

Enlarged Oil Sump

Improves dissipation of heat for cooling of oil and bearings. Grease or oil mist lubrication is available.

Replaceable Metal Stuffing Box Bushing

Minimizes infiltration of pumpage into the stuffing box. Extends shaft and sleeve life. 

Dual Volute Casing 

Minimizes radial load for 6XB-14 and larger units. Extends bearing, packing, and mechanical seal life. 

Keyed and Bolted Impeller

Positively locks impeller to the shaft. Prevents “back-off” during accidental reverse motor rotation. Teflon O-ring under impeller bolt prevents leakage of pumped fluid to the threads.

Replaceable Shaft Sleeve

Simplifies maintenance. Hook-type sleeve is positively driven by impeller key and is free to expand with temperature changes.

Teflon O-Ring

Prevents leakage under the sleeve.

Vertical Centerline Discharge

Self-venting design, available with 150# or 300# flanges.

Power Plus Wear Extender

Replaceable suction side plate minimizes maintenance costs. Pump life is extended and downtime is minimized.