Peerless – 8196 Series Centrifugal Pump

The Peerless 8196 series centrifugal pump is part of the Peerless pump PERFORMER™ series which are manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements and meet the latest ASME and ANSI B73.1M specifications. The PERFORMER™ series combines high efficiency, maximum performance, and extended mean time between failure for reduced maintenance cost. Quality engineering, innovative design, rugged heavy duty construction, ad customer commitment have made the Peerless PERFORMER™ series ANSI pumps the fastest growing chemical process pump line in the industry. 

You can find Peerless centrifugal pumps at any of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to talk to an Account Manager and discover which pump is best for your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

The Peerless 8196 series centrifugal pump is available in a wide range of materials including ductile iron, 316 SS, CD4MCU, 317 SS, Nickel, Alloy 20, Titanium, Zirconium, and virtually any other machinable alloy.

Standard Features of the Peerless 8196 Series Centrifugal Pump

  • Fully open impeller design significantly reduces clogging.
  • Integral back pump out vanes reduce stuffing box pressure, prolonging mechanical seal life.
  • Impeller and casing are matched to achieve high efficiency and low NPSH.
  • Threaded area is protected against corrosion by Teflon O-ring.
  • All impellers are dynamically balanced and available in an optional keyed and bolted design.
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction is designed with enlarged oil reservoir for better dissipation of heat and bulls-eye sight class for easy monitoring.
  • Precision alignment is assured by dowel pins placed between frame and adaptor.
  • Water cooling is available on all models with corrosion resistant fin tube heat exchanger for maximum oil protection at high temperatures.
  • Standard C Face flanges are on STP, MTP, and LTP sizes to accommodate C Face motors to eliminate alignment problems.
  • Bearing frame also includes bosses for vibration and temperature monitoring devices.