Peerless – Vertical Inline Pump

For a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical coverage, the Peerless vertical inline pump cannot be beat. An array of material and design configurations allow for custom-engineered construction that is tailored to your specifications. These pumps are close coupled single suctions pumps that are designed for medium duty service applications. They provide maximum heating and air conditioning value and exceptional booster and general circulating service. Efficient features and components throughout lead to significant savings in operational and maintenance costs. Additionally, these vertical inline pumps are easily installed similarly to a valve, eliminating the need for a base or millwrights. The Peerless vertical inline pump features design techniques, top of the line components and superior manufacturing that deliver an efficient and reliable solution to your inline pump requirements. 

If you are interested in purchasing a custom-engineered vertical inline pump, contact us today. Our Account Managers will help you determine which model and specifications will best suit your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

The Peerless vertical inline pump is designed to be mounted within system piping, between flanges, thereby saving you floor space and simplifying plumbing. The vertical inline pump reliably and efficiently services a variety of pump applications through the inclusion of a variety of standard features and benefits listed below. 

Standard Features of the Peerless Vertical Inline Pump

  • Close coupled with standard solid shaft ball bearing motor. 
  • Quiet, uniform performance.
  • Extended mechanical seal life. 
  • Exceptional hydraulic performance.
  • Low NPSH requirements achieved through optimum velocity patterns and smooth flow into impeller eye.  
  • Low operating costs due to high efficiency design. 
  • Dynamically balanced impellers provide smooth, low vibration performance. 
  • Replaceable protective shaft sleeve contributes to motor shaft life. 
  • High quality uniform castings and machining provide consistent tolerances, thereby extending pump reliability and life. 
  • Readily available motors leads to less down time. 
  • Bearings sized for a median life of 100,000 hours. 
  • Up to 800 gpm rates of flow. 
  • Heads to 300 ft. TDH. 
  • Horsepower up to 40 hp. 
  • Temperature ranges to 225 degrees F. 
  • Speeds of 1,750 and 3,500 rpm. 
  • Maximum working pressure to 175 psi.