Prevost – Piping System 16mm – 100mm

The Prevost piping system is a compressed air network range that moves liquids and gasses from one location to another. The Prevost system in particular allows for immediate pressurization. The piping system consists of lightweight, corrosion resistant pipes and aluminum fittings. With the Prevost piping system, you are guaranteed a high quality air supply, optimal flow rates, leak-free operation and pressure at 232 psi. 

These Prevost piping systems are manufactured to be compact and lightweight as well as quick and easy to assemble. Additionally, they are constructed entirely of aluminum, which offers a variety of advantages, and are an outstanding option for your compressed air network needs. 

To purchase a Prevost piping system, visit one of our Midwest Brabazon locations or contact us to speak with one of our Account Managers about which piping system is best for your air compression purposes.

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Features & Benefits

The Prevost piping system is the most advanced and technologically specific aluminum piping system on the market. A variety of features come standard in the Prevost piping system, making it the best choice for all your compressed air piping applications. 

Standard Features of all Prevost piping systems

  • Aluminum-constructed fitting designed for lighter, more resistant and more compact operation. 
  • Aluminum alloy and epoxy paint provides pipe protection against corrosion and oxidation. 
  • Mechanical pressure resistance provided by aluminum construction. 
  • PPS1 fitting allows for quick and easy assembly of the pipe and fitting. 
  • PPS1 also allows for scalability and adaptability to application specifications. 
  • Compatibility with common compressor oils facilitated by aluminum construction. 
  • The PPS Grip Concept provides a secure leak-free connection with optimal flow rates.
  • The PPS Grip Concept also provides a newly designed lubricated seal that is optimized for leak prevention.  
  • Aluminum pipes are rustproof, cost-effective, UV resistant, heat resistance and offer exceptionally low pressure loss. 
  • Aluminum pipes are also easy to cut to your specifications, are noticeably lightweight and present zero fire hazard. 
  • Tapping flange fitting features an anti-rotation system that holds pipes and fittings securely in place. 
  • Valves available in a variety of configurations: pipe & pipe, threaded male & pipe and threaded female & pipe.