Prevost – prevoS1

The Prevost prevoS1 is a line of compressed air safety couplings. Their design innovation has set the standard for quick safety coupling in the industrial and automotive industries. They are also commonly used plastics, wood crafting, food processing, and textile manufacturing settings. They feature high quality and technologically advanced design and manufacturing and are ergonomically designed to increase efficiency and user comfort. 

The Prevost prevoS1 couplings are available in a variety of types and components, each meeting all relevant industrial safety standards. The coupling parts will reliably provide you an optimal return on investment for your workplace air compression needs. 

To purchase any Prevost prevoS1 coupling, visit one of our Midwest Brabazon locations or contact us today to discuss with an Account Manager. We can help you determine which coupling will best serve your industrial and workplace air compression applications.

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Features & Benefits

The Prevost prevoS1 line of compressed air safety couplings are your answer for air compression in the above-mentioned industrial and workplace settings. A variety of standard features make these couplings an advantageous addition to many applications requiring reliable and efficiently compressed air and dispersal couplings. 

Standard Features of all Prevost prevoS1 couplings

  • Three-year warranty to guarantee product and your investment.
  • Leak free during operation.
  • Leak free during both coupling and uncoupling procedures. 
  • No ongoing maintenance. 
  • Reduced operating expenses due to increased ongoing efficiency, low energy use and lowered maintenance requirements. 
  • No notable pressure loss from coupling. 
  • Consistent flow with no pressure loss. 
  • O-ring that supports external seal between plug and coupling when they are connected. 
  • Aerodynamic valve increases ease of use and efficiency.
  • Valve seal support aerodynamic valve with tight and reliable fit.  
  • High-powered and efficient air flow output. 
  • Guaranteed optimal air flow during operation. 
  • Improved efficiency of both pneumatic systems and tools. 
  • Lowered energy consumption and improved productivity.  
  • Easy and automatic coupling saves users time during operations. 
  • Lightweight design contributes to efficient operation.  
  • Abrasive resistant to maintain product integrity over time.
  • Vibration resistant to improve ease of use. 
  • Corrosion resistant to keep product functioning at highest capacity. 
  • Longer operating life due to efficiencies in design.