Pure-Aire – Closed Loop Cooling Systems

The Pure-Aire Closed Loop Cooling System is a highly efficient industrial cooler that eliminates water consumption and reduces sewer charges. This system circulates water and glycol continuously with no evaporation. Impressively, this closed loop cooling system is capable of cooling the fluid used for processing from 5℉ to 10℉ above the temperature of the ambient air. As such, this system helps you avoid high costs that are common with other systems on the market.  

This cooling system also requires virtually no maintenance due to the efficiency of its operating processes. This high level of energy efficiency is due to the system’s ability to recover dissipated heat and use it for heating a space or a particular process. Additionally, the system’s VSD fan control and staging contributes to this energy efficiency and maximizes thermal protection.  

The Pure-Aire Closed Loop Cooling System is available from Brabazon. Contact us today to inquire about purchasing a cooling system from one of our Midwest Brabazon locations and to ask an Account Manager questions about determining the best closed loop cooling system for your intended applications and purposes.

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Features & Benefits

The Pure-Aire Closed Loop Cooling System comes with a variety of standard features that contribute to its ability to eliminate water consumption and to run with high levels of energy efficiency. Additionally, these features contribute to low maintenance requirements and a highly durable system that is designed to function in industrial cooling applications for years to come. 

Standard Features of the Pure-Aire Closed Loop Cooling System

  • Low purchasing price compared to competitors
  • Highly energy efficient cooling system
  • Cost efficient operations, including water consumption, sewer discharge, EPA regulation, chemical treatment, and maintenance
  • Utilizes ambient air and can be programed to provide an air back-up supply
  • Option to operate with ethylene glycol and propylene glycol
  • Reaches temperatures of 5℉ and higher
  • Mechanically expanded copper tubes inside the aluminum fins
  • Aluminum tube sheets with collars prevent thermal expansion tube wear
  • Coils leak tested at 400 psig 
  • Automatic valve for air purging 
  • Valve for water regulation 
  • Valve for automatic mixing prevents freezing
  • Options for manual or automatic switching duplex pumps
  • Trim cooler heat exchanger
  • NEMA 4 system enclosure
  • Option for wire protection in the form of a fuse or circuit breaker