Sullair – RD Refrigerated Digital Cycling

The Sullair RD Refrigerated Digital Cycling is a compressed air dryer. It features a digital control that allows for control over the drying cycle based on dew point settings that can be preset. These RD series dryers lead to significant energy savings, particularly when their economy mode on/off capabilities are employed. They also offer you increased control over operation with easy visibility of run time hours and other expanded monitoring options, including remote monitoring.  

Additionally, the Sullair RD Refrigerated Digital Cycling air dryer consists of modular units that can be specifically matched to your air load requirements. These units are configured in 500 and 1000 scfm increments and match air flow needs by 10% all the way up to 100%. 

You can purchase a Sullair RD Refrigerated Digital Cycling air dryer at one of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to ask an Account Manager questions about an air dryer that will work best for your intended applications.

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Features & Benefits

These Sullair RD Refrigerated Digital Cycling air dryers are designed to assist in the water removal process of air compression. As Sullair knows, no water can be allowed to make it through the air compression process to your products. Water must be removed for the integrity of your equipment, operational process and output. There are a variety of features that come standard in these air dryers, making them an essential and reliable part of your air compression applications. 

Standard Features of the Sullair RD Refrigerated Digital Cycling Air Dryer

  • Allen-Bradley PLC proprietary programming that matches energy consumption to the air demands of the application. 
  • Allen-Bradley PLC MicroLogix™ color touchscreen controller. 
  • Digital cycling settings monitor all controls and system performance metrics. 
  • Easy tracking and monitoring of energy savings, system operations alarms. 
  • Ethernet connectable.  
  • Energy consumption ranging from 10% to 100% depending on need. 
  • Cost savings through efficient operational processes. 
  • Constructed with 71% fewer parts. 
  • Increased reliability and reduced maintenance requirements. 
  • Modular units configured in 500 and 1000 scfm increments. 
  • Ability network with up to five modular dryer units through isolation valves.
  • Expanded network capabilities increase maximum drying capacity. 
  • Expanded network offering backup drying along with lower pressure drop. 
  • Expanded network use that does not increase power consumption.