Sullair – RN Refrigerated Non-Cycling

The Sullair RN Refrigerated Non-Cycling air dryer serves an essential function in any air compression application process. These air dryers help to ensure that dew point performance is reliably maintained and can do so through continuous operation. The air drying process involves three separation steps that remove more than 99% of the condensed moisture from an air compressor or air compression network’s output. 

These air dryers are available in a range from 25 to 1000 scfm (standard cubic feet per minute) so they can match your air output needs based on the capacity of your intended applications. This tailoring to your application’s requirements makes for efficient operation that leads to outstanding cost savings. The option of “non-cycling” allows for an air dryer that runs at full load capacity while maintaining consistent energy consumption, regardless of air and overall flow demands. 

You can purchase a Sullair RN Refrigerated Digital Non-Cycling air dryer at one of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to ask an Account Manager questions about an air dryer that will work best for your intended applications. 

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Features & Benefits

These Sullair RN Refrigerated Digital Non-Cycling air dryers are designed to assist in the water removal process of air compression. For these processes, it is essential that no water makes it through the air compression process and to your products. Water must be removed for the integrity of your equipment, operational process and output. There are a variety of features that come standard in these air dryers, making them an essential and reliable part of your air compression applications. 

Standard Features of the Sullair RN Refrigerated Digital Non-Cycling Air Dryer

  • Uses an advanced three-step separation process heat exchanger that removes virtually all condensation from the air compressor output. 
  • Demister separation technology. 
  • Maintain a consistent dew point through a hot gas bypass. 
  • Control the refrigerant circulation levels in the dryer. 
  • Easy to use on/off switch controls the dryer’s basic operation. 
  • Light indicating when the dryer is operational. 
  • Refrigerator suction pressure gauge. 
  • Refrigerator discharge gauge. 
  • Inlet pressure gauge. 
  • Low pressure drop. 
  • Cost savings through efficient operational processes.