Standard Pump Drum Pump for Concentrated Acids & Alkalis (Pump Package 3)

When it comes to transferring highly concentrated and extremely aggressive liquids, the Standard Pump Drum Pump for Concentrated Acids & Alkalis cannot be beat. This product is your top of the line pumping solution for a variety of applications including those involving sulfuric acid 66 Baumé, propionic acid, concentrated nitric acid (98%), and hydrofluoric acid. This complete pumping package includes a motor, pump, hose, storage basket, barrel adapter, and a hand nozzle. There are two models of the drum and two models of the tank available to address your pumping needs. These options feature two different motor capacities, ranging from 110 to 220 volt requirements. Designed to transfer materials from 55 gallon drums and tanks, Standard pump drum pumps will get the job done in a reliable and efficient manner. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Standard Pump Drum Pump for Concentrated Acids & Alkalis, contact us today. Our Account Managers will help you determine which drum and tank models will be best suited to your specific pumping requirements and if other component parts are needed. 

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Features & Benefits

These industrial drum pumps come in a complete package with a variety of standard features and benefits that are just right for your concentrated acids and alkalis transferring processes. See below for a list of the standard features that make these drum pump packages the best in their class. 

Standard Features of the Standard Pump Drum Pump for Concentrated Acids & Alkalis

  • What’s included: Motor, Pump, Storage Basket, Barrel Adapter, and Hand Nozzle.
  • Reliable TEFC (IP 54) motor type. 
  • Pump lengths of 39” (1000mm) and 47” (1200mm).
  • Goodyear® Viper 16™ discharge hose with a length of 6ft (1,8 m) 1” (25mm) I.D. 
  • Convenient PVDF 1” (25 mm) hand nozzle.
  • Maximum flow rate of 17.5 GPM (66 LPM), based on water. 
  • Maximum viscosity of 1500 cps (mPas).
  • Maximum temperature of 175 degrees G (80 degrees C).
  • Shipping weight of 30 lbs. (13,50 kg).   

Package Numbers & Model Options for Drums:

  • Package number 9420, SP-ENC-V motor, 110V, SP-PVDF-39 pump tube. 
  • Package number 9421, SP-ENC-2-V motor, 220V, SP-PVDF-39 pump tube. 

Package Numbers & Model Options for Tanks: 

  • Package number 9422, SP-ENC-V motor, 110V, SP-PVDF-47 pump tube. 
  • Package number 9423, SP-ENC-2-V motor, 220V, SP-PVDF-47 pump tube. 

Warning: Not suitable for pumping flammable or combustible liquids.