Standard Pump SP-280P Series Drum Pump Motor

The Standard Pump SP-280P Series Drum Pump Motors are your top of the line choice for pump motors designed specifically for corrosive environments. These drum pump motors are ideally suited for applications requiring the transfer of acids and alkalis from 55-gallon (200L) drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). An essential component of any electric powered drum pump, the SP-280P drum pump motors are ideally suited for abrasive liquid applications involving corrosive chemicals and aggressive fumes. Such applications include fragrances, personal care products, concentrated acids, beer and wine, juices, and cosmetics. 

Drum pump motors are a requisite element of a drum pump as they activate the pump, allowing it to extract liquids through centrifugal motion from drum barrels. The Standard SP-280P Series of Drum Pump Motors are top of the line, efficient and reliable option for your corrosive pumping needs. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Standard Pump SP-280P Series Drum Pump Motor, contact us today. Our Account Managers will help you determine which motor model and specifications are best suited to your specific pumping requirements and if other component parts are needed. 

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Features & Benefits

Built to handle highly corrosive applications, the Standard Pump SP-280P Series of Drum Pump Motors are a first-rate acid and alkali transferring solution. Through the inclusion of a variety of hardy standard features listed below, these drum pump motors are perfectly suited for a variety of pump applications and settings. 

Standard Features of the Standard Pump SP-280P Drum Pump Motor

    • Open drip proof (IP 44 Enclosure).
    • Options for 110 – 120v and 220 – 240v.
    • 825 watt requirement.
    • Variable speed drive (VSD) options on the SP-280P-V and SP-280P-2-V models.
    • Specifically engineered to stand up to the demands of corrosive applications. 
    • Thermal overload.  
    • 84 dBa noise level. 
    • Thermoplastic polyester resin housing material. 
  • Easily maintained and cleanable construction. 
  • Shipping weight: 9.0 pounds (4,0 kg).

SP-280P & SP-280P-V models:

  • Power: 110-120V/1/50-60Hz

SP-280P-2 & SP-280P-2-V models:

  • Power: 110-120V/1/50-60Hz
  • Low voltage release 

Warning: Not suitable for pumping flammable or combustible liquids. 

Warning: Not recommended for use with the SP-700SR series pump.