Sullair – Oil/Water Separators

Sullair oil/water separators are designed to address the contaminated water waste created by air compression systems. Oil/water separators work to remove and collect air compressor condensation that has become lubricant-contaminated. Removal of said condensation ensures clean discharge water that complies with environmental safety regulations and laws. The Sullair oil/water separator is your green solution for addressing contaminated water output produced by air compressor lubricants. 

When installed at the work site itself, these oil/water separators lead to increased cost savings in comparison to other water waste disposal methods. Not only does the oil-contaminated waste not need to be transported but you also do not have to pay for the separation as a service. Additionally, the Sullair oil/water separator frees you from messy element changes and guarantees less than 10ppm carry over, along with no required maintenance. Conveniently, any separator size can be paired with an air compressor of any size, regardless of lubricant type or humidity levels. Solely determining the lifespan of the separator is the amount of lubricant in the condensate that it regularly collects. 

You can purchase a Sullair oil/water separator at one of our Midwest Brabazon locations. Contact us today to ask an Account Manager questions about choosing products that will best address your specific needs. 

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Features & Benefits

These Sullair oil/water separators pair with a variety of air compressors and air compression systems. They are reliable for a number of applications requiring air compression and leading to lubricant-contaminated water waste. There are many features that come standard in these oil/water separators, contributing to their versatility and durable use.  

Standard Features of the Sullair Oil/Water Separators

  • Simplified installation process. 
  • No difficult or messy element changes.
  • Ability to easily separate emulsified condensate.
  • Less than 10 ppm carryover guarantee. 
  • No mandatory regular maintenance.
  • Durable HDPE construction. 
  • No need for pumps, sensors, and pre-separation filter pads.  
  • Free of fumes and odors. 
  • Power consumption not required. 
  • Able to be disposed of in the form of non-hazardous special waste. 

Collects & removes the following air compressor lubricants:

  • Polyglycols.
  • Diester-based lubricants.
  • PAO-based lubricants.
  • Glycol-based lubricants.
  • Hydraulic lubricants.
  • Food grade lubricants.
  • Mineral-based lubricants.
  • Silicon-based fluids (with the Silicon Pak).